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NextPhase Foundation is an organization seeking to leverage responsibility-based partnerships among educational, governmental and industry stakeholders for the benefit of the overall southeastern U.S. regional economy.

Our mission is to position NextPhase as a high tech transfer commercialization pipeline between governmental agencies, private citizens, corporations and various sources of funding.

Meet the Team

We are a team of professionals motivated to fulfill our mission. Our team is made up of staff and advisers.

Investor Relations

We are actively seeking investors and donors to help achieve our goals. Contact us on how you can get involved.

Contact Us

If you are interested in our program leave us a message. We are very excited to tell our story.

Social Innovation

Novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than current solutions.

Tech Transfer

Transferring technology from the places and ingroups of its origination to wider distribution among more people and places.


Promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

Application Process

Date TBD

Allison Evans and Cindy Goode with spring louvers, Cutting Edge magazine

Teams of young engineers, engineering students, and/or innovators enter the competition to develop chosen non-exclusive patents into commercialized, public and commercial access products via entry to one of two categories: ‘Experienced’ and ‘Junior Division’.

Take the concrete technology of a NASA-patented space-use proven product and, through a combination of abstract and critical thinking, produce a commercially-viable, marketable public use product.

  1. Form your team
  2. Select your patent
  3. Prepare for competition

If your application is selected you will become a semi-finalist.

Semi Finalists

Date TBD

Teams are chosen by panel vote to compete based on Development Proposal feasibility and Business Plan.

  • More than 40 will be chosen to compete.
  • Semi finalists announced via email and media.

Progression in competition is based on benchmark progress review against Proposal and progression of Business Plan development under direction of pre-accelerator program.

If selected you will move on the Phase I – Zero Gravity Challenge.

Team A


Team B


Team C


Team D


Zero Gravity Challenge

Phase I

Semi-Finalists convene in Little Rock, AR for business plan pitch/prototype overview.

  • Date TBD
  • Live pitch to seasoned, highly-respected panel of judges (TBD)
  • First tranch of development funds up to $10,000 awarded to Finalists.
  • Additionally, they earn eligibility to Phase Two Development Stage, where they develop a NASA technology into a commercially-viable public use product.
  • Finalists announced via email and media release.

If chosen your team will advance to Phase II – KÀRMÀN LINE CHALLENGE.


Kàrmàn Line Challenge

Phase II


Finalists convene at location TDB for mid-stage assessment, feedback, collaboration, further funds disbursements determined based upon current progress, viability of commercialization potential.

  • Date TBD
  • Project progress
  • Expenses vs. Projected Development Cost Proposal

If chosen your team will advance to Phase III – Splashdown Challenge

Splashdown Challenge

Phase III

Finalists convene for final assessment of commercialized proofs of concept/prototypes, meet with investors and NASA representatives for patent assignment options and celebration of successes.

  • Date TBD

Contact Us

We are actively seeking donations from people or business who are interested in the technology transfer movement.  We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or if you would like to donate to our foundation.


63 Lefever Lane
Little Rock, AR, 72227


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