Model-Based Prognostics For Batteries

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Estimate of remaining useful life of energy storage devices.

Battery-powered devices have become ubiquitous in the modern world, from tiny headsets, to cameras, cell phones and laptops, to hybrid and electric vehicles. Effective Battery Health Monitoring (BHM) technologies are needed to ensure that battery operation is optimal and, if not, that it stays within design limits and warnings are provided to operators or automated actions are taken to mitigate damage when these limits are exceeded. BHM technologies protect the assets batteries from degradation due to non-optimal usage. Prediction of the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of a systems component is at the center of effectively managing a systems health. This invention provides as many as eight different prognostic modes for estimating the state of charge, state of life, end of discharge, and/or end of life of a battery. These estimates help in making predictions of the remaining useful life for individual discharge cycles as well as for cycle life.


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Project Detail
November 9, 2016
Place of Invention:
Ames Research Center